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What we’d need…

We are looking for a Data Engineer to join our Data team.
Some of your responsibilities will be…

  • Help build the data architecture that supports all business processes and reporting.
  • Design and implement scalable systems that can handle huge streams of data from different sources.
  • Maintain data integration processes among all business and department systems with a special focus on data consistency.
  • Create, implement and maintain a reporting system that helps all business departments reach their goals by using powerful customizable front-end tools.

This is you…

  • Hyper-collaborative person interfacing with a wide range of stakeholders at multiple departments helping them gather and analyze the relevant data to achieve their business goals.
  • Have detailed understanding and experience of core data engineering technologies, methodology, and processes.
  • Have experience in integrating and automating businesses processes with multiple elements (Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Zendesk, Intercom, Sage, Netsuite, AWS, etc) of the systems to enable SaaS offers at scale, with continuous improvement.
  • Detailed appreciation of performance metrics for measuring/reporting the effectiveness and success of SaaS products.
  • Show a proven track record as a member of a tech-company data department.
  • Proactive & self-motivated person.

Minimum Requirements for this job: *

  • 2+ years of programming or scripting experience (Scala, Python, PHP…)
  • 2+ years experience implementing BI solutions, you have strong dimensional modeling skills, you know how to design the best data model for each type of use case (ad-hoc, dashboards, statistics ..).
  • 2+ years experience designing and implementing architectural components of a Data Warehouse in TBs scale. Preferably using Spark and Big Data/Column store DBs (Redshift, Presto, Vertica …).
  • 2+ years experience implementing large-scale ETL architecture, supporting multiple data sources (internal and external) and multiple use cases (product analytics, marketing, statistical modeling, executive dashboards).
  • You know the difference between a Data Lake and a Data Warehouse, and when to use which.
  • Excellent SQL skills, you can optimize a query for a specific database and understand the different capabilities of open source DBs and vendor DBs.
  • You work fast and can pivot quickly, know how to work in a startup environment, and balance quality code with fast results.

You will be our ideal candidate if you are…

  • Honest, reliable, hard-working and you have a growth mindset.
  • Technically savvy: you know the ins and outs of all digital tools you use and you quickly understand and become an expert on any new tools you need to use.
  • Very well organized: you are able to prioritize, you keep yourself focused and you always pay attention to detail.
  • You like experimentation and you are always looking for better ways to get things done.
  • A good team player, resolutive and proactive. You don’t need hand-holding to get things done.
  • A strong executioner, and someone who understands and agrees with the quote: “Plans are useless but planning is indispensable” (by Dwight D. Eisenhower).
  • You are motivated by challenges, and you don’t get easily overwhelmed when there are lots of things to do.
  • Smart and fast-learner, but humble enough to give and accept constructive feedback.
  • Someone who always puts the team and company goals before his/her own professional goals.
  • Passionate about the continuous improvement of processes, as well as excellence-oriented.

We’re looking forward to meeting you! : D

Location: Carrer d’Àvila,29,08005,Barcelona, 08005 Barcelona, Barcelona provincia

Job Type: Full-time

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